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Dylan Maxwell is a Metal guitarist from Atlanta Georgia. At age 13, he began his journey through the world of Music, pursuing different play styles, genres, and more. At age 17, he began writing his own music, starting from Hard Rock, and Neo-Classical. At age 18, he began recording, playing Live shows with local Metal bands from his area, usually taking the role as Rhythm or Lead Guitarist, and began Writing his his first song, that combines his favorite Genres of Progressive Metal, Neo-Classical, EDM, and Dub-step. This aggressive fusion or Genres, and his passion for Video Games, led to the conception of His first EP, Synthetic Anomaly. Dylan's Play-style consists of a mix or Neo-classical shred, Dark, Melodic Chord Progressions, Powerful and Epic Choruses and Song structures inspired by Soundtracks of many Video games, Movies, and Shows. 
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